In Klingenburg, we are focusing on constant development every day. In our research and implementation centre we try to convert our experience to innovative technologies which can be useful to the society and the environment, as well as give our Customers measurable benefits, not only financial ones.

Experience gained all over the world, for many years and in many sectors of industry, taught us that even in case of applying restrictive rules of hygiene, the air, having passed through the ventilation and air conditioning installation, will contain a lot of microbiological pollutants.

As a result of breathing in the polluted air everyday, the health of rooms users is threatened! Identifying with the position of the World Health Organization, which is as follows:


„Every man has the right to breathe clean indoor air1",


we created an innovative line of products: Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY


That is because, the safety of users of our products as well as no threat to the natural environment are priorities for us. That is why we applied the ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) in the Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY product line as a biocide.

We believe our technology will have an impact on the improvement of air quality in houses, offices as well as in the broadly understood industry.

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