For almost thirty years we have been the leading producer, supplier and expert in heat and humidity recovery devices. We supply our products to customers all around the world. Our products are used for different applications ranging from ventilation and air conditioning, through complex industrial processes, to applications in large paint shops of the automotive sector.

Heat recovery is a perfect way of saving energy also allowing for the reduction of the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. By using our products, you can recover 80% of heat from the air exhausted from rooms, what of course has a positive effect on our Customers' purses. Such a big energy saving obviously affects the natural environment in a positive way.

Dehumidifying and moisturizing are consecutive significant processes of air processing in air conditioning and ventilation and at the same time another facet of our operations.

Highest quality is already the proverbial feature of our devices which are known on the world ventilation and air conditioning market. With the constantly strengthened leading position on world markets (e.g. in the sector of rotary heat exchangers), we can offer the continuity of supplies and long-term manufacturer's warranty. Our Customers value individuality of solutions, promptness of supplies and the unique quality of production. Flexibility of dimensions of rotary exchangers housings, their exact adjustment to our Customer's installation are a standard for us. With such a broad range of models in each group of products, we can offer individual solutions.

Thanks to our own research and implementation centre, we maintain a good pace of development and set new standards. We are trying to constantly improve our products and broaden their portfolio.

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