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Klingenburg UV HOME - is a group of devices used to disinfect air in installations of lower rate of air flow. It includes the models for assembly and installation, as well as wall modules used for the disinfection in the rooms with A and B cleanliness class air.


The following products belong to the Klingenburg UV HOME group:

02-HOME barrel

 IMG 8902sAre the devices designed for ventilation and air-conditioning installations in detached houses, small offices, and other buildings of a limited space, where the air flow does not exceed 500 m3/h.


Each device is equipped with a control panel with ultraviolet lamp operation time meter and four UV-C lamps emitting ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Power of the lamps is chosen individually for the client. The devices may be made of aluminium or stainless steel, as needed. In the case of flows bigger than 500 m3/h, it is possible to install several devices in a series.



In Klingenburg UV HOME barrel devices, we have used our innovative H-LDsystem (High-Level Disinfection System), designed by our engineers and allowing to increase disinfection effectiveness up to 30%.


Zaburzacz na wwwAir flow disturber → slowed down air flow prolongs the time of exposure of micro-organisms to UV-C radiation, the effectiveness of disinfection increases.




Odbłyśnik na wwwUV-C rays reflector → an innovative solution, patented by Klingenburg, a very high coefficient of UV-C rays reflection allows to increase the effectiveness of disinfection by 30% with the simultaneous decrease of energy consumption.






02a-HOME pure


Are the devices designed to disinfect air in room, where it is necessary to strictly control ambient parameters, especially the pollution. The devices are used in the rooms with air of A nad B cleanliness class.


Lamp's housing is entirely made of high-quality stainless steel. Rounded shape of the housing facilitates lamp's cleanliness proper maintenance and prevents dust accumulation in hard-to-access places. The source of ultraviolet radiation is in two lamps emitting radiation of the wavelength of 253.7 nm (UV-C). Simple shape of the lamp allows for its proper cleanliness maintenance during its whole operation period.



Lamps are installed behind the glass with a optically polished surface, made of the highest-quality quartz glass. With such location of the lamps it is possible to keep their optimal operation temperature, which increases disinfection effectiveness.



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