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03-INDUSTRIALaaaaaThe food industry puts high demands on producers in terms of microbiological purity. For this reason, we have created a group of products to disinfect. Adequate power of UVC radiation is selected after inspection at the customer, then we can design the device. After approval of the project we make a product adjusted 100% to customer needs.


Klingenburg UV INDUSTRIAL is an innovative line of equipment for disinfection using UV-C. Appropriate devices allow for effective and safe disinfection of: air, surfaces, food, packaging, machines, production lines.




Our key focus is on client's safety, especially in food production industry. Our UVC modules are produced of the highest-quality stainless steel, and the lamps are installed in PTFE foil sleeves which are UVC-transmissive, which is an additional protection against possible pollution with glass dust. 



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Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY<<< 

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